Safety Eyewear (Clear)

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Safety Eyewear (Clear) Safety Eyewear  SAFETY DIVISION
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  • PC injected lenses
  • Temple in injection colours
  • Popular design resemble sunglasses
  • Fits men and women snugly to prevents slippage
  • Sunglare filters for industrial use (Smoke lenses)
  • UV protection
  • EN 166:2001



  • Do not use clear/grey (anti-glare), grey, amber, green or mirrored tinted lenses when performing torch burning, torch cutting, torch welding, furnace operations, molten metal operation or any other operations which expose the eyes to harmful infrared radiation. Exposure to or contact with chemical vapor or liquids may cause surface crazing and reduce impact resistance. Discard when crazing occurs to any surface.
  • These clear or special purpose polycarbonate lenses are intended to be used to perform a particular visual task. They comply fully with AS/NZS1337. Caution must be exercised in their use. Misuse or failure to follow warnings and instructions may result in serious personal injury, including blindness or death. Polycarbonate  lenses represent a significant increase in impact resistance. They are impact resistant but unbreakable. Pitting and scratching of these lenses of these lenses reduce impact resistance and visibility. For your protection, pitted or scratched lenses must be replaced immediately or covered with appropriate eye protection until a replacement can be made.
  • To prevent serious eye injury, including blindness, check with your safety or supervisory personnel to be sure you are wearing appropriate eye protection. Selection of any protective device must be in accordance with EN166.
  • Protective spectacles with firmly secured sideshields will help to protect you from flying particles or objects approaching your eyes from the sides. If your job or working conditions expose you to flying particles or objects, protective spectacles with firmly  secured cup-type, intergrated or semi sideshields, goggles, or a faceshield (in addition to protective spectacles or goggles) may be required to give you adequate protection.
  • Protective spectacles frame and lenses are not breakable. They do not provide adequate protection against severe impacts such as explosions, fragmenting grinding or abrasive wheels. These protective spectacles should not be worn to provide protection from, among other hazards, chemical and liquis splash or sprays, simulated combat games sports or lasers. Do not use this lenses for operation that expose your eyes to harmful levels of optical radiation such as burning, cutting or welding with torches, electric (arc) welding, furnace or metal operations and glass blowing.


For Goggles

  • Protective goggle frames and lenses are not breakable. They do not provide adequate protection against explosions, fragmenting grinding or abrasive wheels or other impacts. These protective goggles should not be worn to provide protection from, among other hazards, sports simulated combat games or lasers. Under certain coditions a faceshield in addition to goggles may be required to give you adequate protection. Do not use tmples with this device; use only the supplied or recommended headband.



  • Thoroughly clean all surfaces  with mild soap solution. Do not use any solvent on the lenses.
  • Carefully rinse all traces of soap solution.
  • Air dry or pat dry with a clean soft cloth or tissue.
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